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Automated Access Authorization Processing Platform

Developed to track all stages of access and personnel security from on-boarding through termination, the Security Screening Information System (SSIS) provides a full suite of tools ranging from pre-access evaluation, to fitness-for-duty, to tracking observed behavior and more. The SSIS interfaces directly with the rest of the In-Processing and Access Authorization (IPAA) suite, giving users full control over all forms of access to their owner-controlled areas.


Designed to monitor every part of a personnel’s history, the Security Screening Information System provides users with tools to manage every aspect of their workforce. Once a worker is screened and granted access, the SSIS can track their annual reviews, monthly BOP and Vital Area Validation, psychological assessments, and fitness-for-duty testing, even tracking negative tests and follow-ups. All of the data is managed digitally, making it easy to store, access, and share.

Curtiss-Wright utilized its experience across multiple fields to develop, maintain, and update the SSIS for more than 20 years, keeping pace with both industry and technological advances. It’s this level of security and ability to evolve and adapt has made it the standard for many users, especially for processes like UAA/UA, UAA-only, Escorted/Visitor/Owner Controlled Area management, as well as access to Safeguards Information. Because of its ever advancing and well updated nature, SSIS can be tailored to almost any user’s need.

The SSIS was constructed alongside the rest of the IPAA, and thus is built to interface not only with its sister products, but also with other systems, allowing for well integrated data management. The system not only provides a single source for data, but is also built to directly connect with document management systems for electronic record-keeping, with FFD labs for automated entry of personnel test results, and with electronic personnel history questionnaires for pertinent personnel information to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information is available. These connections eliminate the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and increasing overall system efficiency.

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