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The In-Processing and Access Authorization Mobile Check-In App for the Nuclear Industry

The IPAA Mobile Check-In App streamlines the outage check-in process. The app synchronizes effortlessly with IPAA’s Security Screening Information Suite (SSIS) to give utilities full visibility on their in-processing information, while also simplifying the required paperwork for applicants.


The mobile app's interface is simple and easy to use, streamlining data entry for applicants and automatically digitizing information. The app feeds directly into the Security Screening Information System (SSIS), allowing for information to be easily stored and verified.

The comprehensive list of applicants in the mobile app provides users with the information they need, including which applicants are arriving each day, the ability to search by applicant name or ID, and all of the applicant's details. The app also allows for easy inputting and updating of applicant data.

The pages and forms of the mobile app are customizable to any utility's needs, including utility-specific documents such as badging responsibilities and arrest reporting requirements. This configurable nature applies down to the smallest levels, such as the e-signature page, where the acknowledgement statement can be tailored to the needs of the utility.