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Electronic Personal History Questionnaire Processing for the Nuclear Industry

The Electronic Personal History Questionnaire (ePHQ) is the smart, secure, web-based solution for user’s personnel history needs. Based on the industry standard form developed by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the ePHQ allows plant personnel to electronically handle personal history questionnaires from start to finish, making the entire process fast, easy, and accurate. The electronic data is then easily stored and accessed by the user, and interfaces with the rest of the IPAA suite to provide added security and data utilization.


Both accessible and secure, the ePHQ is web-based, making it easy to send, receive, and access data any time it is needed. Applicants can fill out the form remotely, and the ePHQ uses advanced data and date gap validation techniques to ensure that users receive a quality questionnaire from personnel the first time it is submitted. This online process easily guides applicants through the survey from start to finish, and its online, digital nature makes it easy to share and interface personnel history with other software, including the rest of the IPAA suite.

The ePHQ was specifically designed to interface with both Ready2Work (R2W) and the Security Screening Information System (SSIS). When implemented together, ePHQ’s features are vastly enhanced: R2W automates some of ePHQ’s data and aides in scheduling tasks like training new personnel, making the post-questionnaire process more efficient, and the SSIS uses data mined from ePHQ to provide guidance to the user and submit information digitally to third parties for background checks, aiding in user security.

In-processing, especially in the high volumes and short time frames that industry demands, is both time consuming and labor intensive. By using an accessible digital format, the ePHQ streamlines in-processing data entry and analysis, eliminating errors and repetitive entry processes. The process of sending and receiving ePHQ’s to both background investigation agencies and users is also expedited through this automation, streamlining the full process from data receipt to implementation and storage.

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