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Automated In-Processing Software Solution for the Nuclear Industry

Designed to dramatically improve in-processing efficiency, Ready2Work (R2W) automates the labor-intensive and error prone tasks of on-boarding. R2W acts as a central hub for all of a worker’s information, cataloging, rostering, and scheduling workers’ information and training needs. Beyond just storing and organizing information, R2W utilizes user’s contract, worker and training data to help users make better decisions during outage planning, efficiently in-process workers, as well as reviewing user’s performance to identify opportunities and improve their next outage.


Across multiple industries, managing high volume worker influx in ever shortening time frames puts strain on both data systems and personnel; R2W is specifically designed to reduce workload and automate labor intensive processes, allowing for higher volumes of workers to be in-processed accurately in significantly less time. R2W’s unique planning features also allow users to accurately assess and prepare for arriving workers, going so far as to help provide estimates for necessary resources like rooms, computers and training spaces long before workers arrive.

As workers are traditionally in-processed, their needs for training and access must be individually and manually assessed and logged by personnel, a slow and arduous process that can lead to errors and cuts into work and training time. R2W has built in requirement analysis and scheduling features, eliminating the need for manual scheduling and comparisons, allowing for the scheduling and rostering of training courses at optimum times to maximize user’s resources. These features make outage scheduling and resource management fast, digital, and accessible, and interface directly with the rest of the IPAA suite, managing all employee needs in an easy-to-access system.

Users often struggle with keeping track of where workers are in their in-processing and training progress. R2W provides tools to track worker location, progress, and training, effectively communicating what the worker has accomplished and what further input they need to complete their in-processing. When paired with the rest of the R2W tools and the IPAA suite, R2W provides a highly visible and comprehensive view of a worker’s status, both in in-processing and overall, and tracks data about in-processing performance for users, allowing them to continuously improve future in-processing cycles.

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