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Inventory Sourcing and Optimization Platform

Interfacing directly with the RAPID database, Seer is an inventory matching application that extends resource sourcing and sharing capabilities between sites and across industries. Taking advantage of the extensive item inventory stocked across multiple users, Seer allows users to cross-reference the stock of any company utilizing its software, removing the guesswork and man hours of multiple RAPID searches and comparing part numbers. This innovative and cost effective program encourages collaboration across fleets and between companies, leading to more lean solutions across every process in the ever-changing power industry.


Seer is always searching: while seeking out replacement parts can take a user hours, if not days, of valuable work time, Seer is constantly cross-referencing a database of more than seven trillion part numbers, stock codes, and CATIDs. Seer’s extensive library allows users to search by almost any related number, and will notify users as soon as any matching parts are found. By displaying all possible matches for a part, Seer condenses all potential parts into one easy to reference location, removing the guesswork of trying to find an equivalent part in the case that an identical part is unavailable.

As industry demands fluctuate over time, inventory needs change – but long lead times and high prices can cause users unnecessary risk, especially in the critical planning phases of work. Rather than overbuying or keeping extra stock on hand in preparation for work, Seer makes it easy to assess whether or not new stock is needed to meet changing demands for maintenance and repair. Seer can find if another site in a user’s fleet has stock, or if the industry at large has enough stock to potentially cover any extra need discovered during site maintenance, reducing risk, the need for constant restocking, and the storage needed for excess items.

Seer not only is an excellent purchasing and work planning tool: it makes it easy and accessible for users to clear inventory they no longer need. As the industry continues to reduce costs and on-site stock to maintain low prices for customers, selling unneeded stock to other Seer users prevents the scrapping of useful materials, eliminating waste and preventing the manufacture of unnecessary excess items. Using Seer to clear unneeded stock not only reduces lead times for parts, it reduces expenses and labor for both the buying and selling parties.

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