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Environmental Qualification Knowledge Database

Environmental qualification is costly and time consuming; seeking to streamline its tasks to improve efficiency and reduce costs, Curtiss-Wright developed the Environmental Qualification Power Suite (EPQS). The EPQS combines the Equipment Qualification Data Bank (EQDB), Environmental Qualification Management System (EQMS), and the System 1000™ Materials Aging and Radiation Effect Library, creating the most comprehensive environmental qualification suite on the market. All three systems utilize more than 50 years of combined data and experience to create an optimized research and testing environment, reducing the cost and effort of vital testing.


Containing the most through collection of EQ-related information, including test reports, equipment evaluations, materials aging and radiation data, and EQ-specific regulatory documents, the EQDB is a cornerstone resource for any user. By reducing research man hours, time spent retrieving documents, and review of detailed equipment data, the EQDB significantly reduces the cost of qualification, while also improving the time frame for time sensitive activities as reportability or operability determinations. By tapping these industry-approved sources, the information available in the EQDB can also determine material characteristics and failure mechanisms, find qualified replacement equipment, and extend component qualified lives, making it a beyond vital resource for all environmental qualifications.

The EQMS was developed to provide a standardized electronic platform on which plant, fleet, or industry-wide EQ programs can be documented and maintained. To prevent costly, redundant work, the EQMS allows users to share evaluations both internally with their fleet, and externally with other sites; this includes sharing Generic Qualification Evaluations (GQEs), which identify qualified equipment and evaluate test results for plant-specific requirements, saving thousands on testing and evaluating similar components. The EQMS also streamlines file maintenance – Entire plant EQ Master Lists (EQMLs) and room conditions can be quickly stored and updated due to the digital nature of the platform, eliminating the need for time-consuming hardcopy binders. Design and environment changes can be made quickly and easily, and every piece of impacted equipment can be identified at a glance, reducing the program violations and errors.

The System 1000™ is a web-based, Arrhenius calculator and materials aging and radiation database. Added to the EQPS in 2000, System 1000™ is fully recognized by the NRC – It is the only program of its type providing quality-assured activation energies and radiation data for thousands of materials coupled with independently verified Arrhenius algorithms used for calculating equipment life such as qualified and expected design life, aging and service temperature, accident aging equivalencies, and activation energy determinations. The System 1000™ also allows users to save normal temperature distributions, and accident and test profiles; thus, eliminating the need to re-enter them for every calculation.

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