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I&C Repair Video

Curtiss-Wright offers  instrumentation and control (I&C) repair services to extend the lifetime of power supplies and electronic modules and eliminate supply chain issues.

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My name is Shane Harker. I’m the repair supervisor for Curtiss-Wright’s I&C division. There are many things that separate Curtiss-Wright from our competitors. One of those things is the repair group. In the repair group we service and refurbish power supplies and electronic modules. By repairing and refurbishing equipment for the customer, they don’t have to worry about finding replacement equipment, which allows them to extend the lifetime of the power supplies and electronic modules. The client doesn’t have to worry about learning how something new operates. It’s going to operate exactly the way it did before.

We have a very qualified team here with more than 200 years of experience amongst all the technicians and engineers. The repair group has serviced equipment for over 200 different manufacturers – more than 60,000 model numbers. Standard process is, the equipment comes in and we will do an as-found to verify the equipment is either functional or non-functional. If it’s not, we’ll begin troubleshooting efforts.

Also during that time, we’ll start going through and looking for age-sensitive components – equipment that may degrade over time – potentiometers or knobs, switches that just, the lifetime has been exceeded. We will find replacement parts for those, perform equivalency to ensure that the part will not affect the operation of the equipment. After the parts are replaced and the equipment is working, we’ll perform an initial functional test and then we’ll place it on burn in to allow for infancy failures and then we perform a final functional test to ensure, again, that the equipment meets the OEM specifications. We have the ability to perform immunity testing as well as variable temperature testing to determine if there is a problem caused by elevated temperatures or elevated humidity.

IPC Class 2 is an industry standard. It ensures that the work we ship is done properly so that the client can have confidence that the equipment will function as required in the field. We have a large inventory of OEM power supplies that we can refurbish and dedicate for sale for our clients. On request, we can provide a failure analysis that goes into detailed description of the failure that occurred and why the symptoms were seen. The client can use that to figure out if they will need to make changes to their own equipment in the field.

We take great pride in the service we provide our customers. At Curtiss-Wright, our slogan is – Service the Wright Way.

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