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EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference, February 2013, Cooling Tower Improvement Study Using PEPSE, Justin Strupp, Scientech, and Scott Propkepetz, SaskPower.

EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference, February 2013, Determining Plant Capacity for a Combined Cycle Power Plant Using PEPSE, Rex Featherson, Matthew Goodwin and Jason Lee, Arizona Public Service, and Justin Strupp, Scientech.

EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference, Developing Updated Performance Parameters for EPRI's Heat Rate Improvement Guidelines, Bill Kettenacker, PE and Scott Nedrow, Scientech


2010 EPRI Plant Performance Enhancement Program (P2EP), Evaluating Generation Considering All Plant Losses and Efficiencies, Duane E. Morris, P.E., Tennessee Valley Authority, and James Bower, Scientech


EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference, Optimizing for the Lowest Cost Electrical Production Using Advanced Off-Line Analysis with On-Line Performance Monitoring Solutions, Duane Hill, Dairyland Power, and Bob Holzworth, Scientech

EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference, Evaluating an HP/IP Turbine Replacement, William Kettenacker, P.E., Scientech

ASME Power 2009, Integrated Performance Monitoring for Asset Optimization, Bob Holzworth and Wally Walejesk

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