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Feed Pumps and Feed Pump Turbines

Scott Gronwold, Commonwealth Edison Company and Gene L. Minner, Halliburton NUS Corporation, "Modeling a Boiler Feed Pump Drive Turbine With Extractions,"(720 KB) User's Group Meeting, Lexington , KY , June 21-24, 1994.

Thomas W. McColloch, Rochester Gas & Electric Company, "Variable Speed Boiler Feedpump Analysis," (2.47 MB) User's Group Meeting, St. Louis, MO, May 1-4, 1990.

Dave Koehler, Commonwealth Edison Company, "PEPSE Modeling Three Units with Dual Extracting Steam Driven Boiler Feed Turbines," (1.7 MB) User's Group Meeting, Clearwater , Florida , May 21-23, 1986.

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