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Scientech's 2015 Symposium

Keynote Presentations

Idaho National Laboratory - The Nation's Leading Nucledar Energy Laboratory - Presented by: Todd Allen, PhD, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology, Idaho National Laboratory

Small Modular Reactor Design and Deployment - Presented by George Griffith, PhD, Technical Business Development and Marketing, Idaho National Laboratory

Integrated Nuclear - Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems - Presented by: Shannon Bursting, PhD, Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems Lead, Nuclear Science and Technology, Idaho National Laboratory

Plant Optimization

Spinning Reserves - Presented by: Megan Parmelee, AECI and Greg Alder, Scientech

Predicting/Mitigating Impact of Boiler/HRSG Stress-Rupture Tube Failures - Presented by: Paul Klink, PASS/Energy, LLC

Predicting/Mitigating Impact of Boiler Fly Ash Erosion Tube Failures - Presented by Paul Klink, PASS/Energy, LLC

Effective Heat Rate Programs Achieved Through Asset Management Integration - Presented by: Rob MacNeil, Nova Scotia Power, an Emera Company

FAMOS - PdP Fleet Conversion - Presented by: James Herzau, Scientech

Implementing Sliding Pressure Operation, A study in Benefits, Challenges, Design and Tuning - Presented by: Don Parker, Provecta Process Automation

Throttle Valve Coniderations - Presented by: Greg Alder, Scientech and Brian Davenport, Exelon

Utilizing PEPSE to Develop New DCS Setpoints Due to IP Turbine Stage Removal - Presented by: Don Parker, Provecta Process Automation


TREAT Modeling and Simulation Development with Validation Requireements - Presented by Mark D. DeHart, PhD, Deputy Director for Reactor Physics, Modeling and Simulation, Nuclear Science and Technology, Idaho National Laboratory

StressWave SRV Leak Detection - Presented by: Sal Tareen, Senior Engineer, Scientech

Plant Process Computers - Past, Present and Future - Presented by:Don Chase, Plant Process Systems, Scientech

Overview of Wireless Technology Implementation - Presented by: Chad Kiger, AMS Corporation

A New Programming Model for R*TIME Applications - Presented by Kevin Coble, Senior Software Engineer, Scientech

General Overview and Introduction to EMC Concepts - Presented by: Chad Kiger, AMS Corporation

Fukushima Daiichi (1F) Central Remote Monitoring System - Presented by: Hidefumi Naito, Tokoyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd

HCI - Human Computer Interface - Presented by: Craig Crandall, Exelon

Virtualization as an Obsolescence Mitigation Strategy - Presented by: Paul Carlson, Exelon Corporation and Ray Gagnon, Scientech

Mobile Access to R*TIME Data - Presented by: Kevin Rumbaugh, Exelon Corporation

News and Events

2020 Symposium

Clearwater Beach, Florida


Release Information

FAMOS Version 22

Released January 31, 2019

PEPSE Version 82

Release Date
December 1, 2017.

New Product

Cycle Isolation Monitoring



September 17-20, 2019


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Scientech papers presented in 2013 at EPRI are available.