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2013 Symposium
Managing Fleet Assets and Performance Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Cyber Security and Other Realities of Our Digital World
Presented by: Andy Dickson, IT Director - Nuclear Fleet Operations, Exelon

Real Time Analytics in Asset Management
Presented by: Rob MacNeil, Nova Scotia Power

Plant Optimization

Calibration of Clamp On Flow Meter Using a Computer Model - Presented by: Frank Todd, True North Consulting, LLC

Cooling Tower Improvement Study Using PEPSE - Presented by: Justin Strupp, Scientech and Scott Propkopetz and Scott McLeod, SaskPower

Determining Plant Capacity for a Combined Cycle Power Plant Using PEPSE - Presented by: Justin Strupp, Scientech

PdP Modeling with FAMOS Architect Tips and Tricks - Presented by: Jim Herzau

PdP Use and Results at Edison Mission Energy - Presented by: Edison Mission Energy

Performance Assessments and Training: Essential Tools for Heat Rate Improvement and Reducing Generation Costs Presented by: Marcus Caudill

Reliability Analysis of Power Plant Unit Outage Problems - Presented by: G. Michael Curley, President, Generation Consulting Services, LLC

M&D Process Overview and Planned Enhancements - Presented by: Scott McLeod, SaskPower

Smart Generation - Integrated Advanced Pattern Recognition and Performance Modeling - Presented by: Jim Herzau and Bob Holzworth, Scientech

FAMOS V17, What's New in PdP and Rules - Presented by: Jim Herzau, Scientech

Development and Application of Plant Condition Monitoring System for Nuclear Power Plants
Presented by: Shigetoshi Ono, Tokyo Electric Power Company. Included with this presentation is white paper, Development and Application of the Plant Condition Monitoring System for Nuclear Power Plants, by Shigestoshi Ono, The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.


Advanced Analytic Solutions - Presented by: Theresa Sutter, Scientech Information Technologies

DC Cook Main Control Room Annunciator Replacement Project - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Scientech

DC Cook Plant Process Computer Replacement Project - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Scientech

DC Cook RCI Replacement Project - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Scientech

Enertech Post Fukushima Technologies for BWR Mark I and II Hardened Containment Vent - Presented by: Enertech

LaSalle Station PPC "Refresh" Project - Presented by: Kevin J. Lindsay, Exelon

Lessons Learned at Calvert Cliffs PPC Replacement - Presented by: Brian Allen, Project Engineer, Calvert Cliffs

Optimizing the Software Development Process - Presented by: Ray Gagnon, Scientech

R*TIME 2013 New Features - Presented by Robert Ammon and Ray Gagnon, Scientech

R*TIME Maintenance Contracts - Presented by: Laura Kinghorn, Scientech

R*TIME V12 Updates - Presented by: Robert Ammon and Ray Gagnon, Scientech

EA-12-051, a Spent Fuel Pool Level Monitoring System Design Perspective - Presented by: Don Chase, Scientech

StressWave Systems - Valve Testing - Presented by Sal Tareen, Scientech

R*TIME-Based Monitoring System in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station - Presented by: Manabu Murata, Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., LTD

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December 1, 2017.

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