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User's Group Presentations
PEPSE, PMAX, PdP and StressWave


Fuel Tech's NOx Reduction and Fuel Chem Performance Improvements for Coal-Fired Steam Generators
Presented by: Gerry C. Snow and Gary S. Anderson, Process Engineering, Fuel Tech, Inc.

The Emerging Role of Energy as the Key to Economic Prosperity for the United States
Presented by: Scott Gregory Minos, United States Department of Energy

Defending the Defenders with StressWave Monitoring
Presented by: Curtis Reichenfeld, Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS)

Instrumentation Accuracy and Performance Monitoring--How Instrumentation Can Effect Results
Presented by: Tina L. Toburen, P.E., T2E3, Inc.

Managing Change--How to Effectively Deploy New Technologies and Processes in Your Company
Presented by: Joel J. Barger, P.E., Project Director, Meridium

Fleet Asset Management
Presented by: Rob MacNeil, Nova Scotia Power

Evaluating an HP/IP Turbine Replacement
Presented for Bill Kettenacker by: Bob Holzworth, Scientech

MVS Leak Detection with StressWave
Presented by: Steve Scheeren, Scientech

Scientech Stresswave Systems
Presented by: Dan Warren, Dow Corning Corporation

The Seven Traits of Highly Effective Performance Programs
Presented by: Marcus Caudill, Scientech

Benefits of SaskPower's Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) Center
Presented by: Alyssa Beisel, SaskPower

R*TIME presentations at the 2012 Symposium can be found at: http://famos.scientech.us/RTIME_Tech_papers.html

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December 1, 2017.

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