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StressWave Technical Papers
Case Studies and Symposium Presentations

Listed below are a number of case studies describing usage for a variety of different industry applications which are available for download:

For additional information on StressWave Systems contact Steve Scheeren, sscheeren@curtisswright.com; phone (954) 253-8588

StressWave 2012 Symposium Papers

  1. MVS Leak Detection with StressWave -- Presented by: Steve Scheeren, Scientech
  2. Scientech Stresswave Systems -- Presented by: Dan Warren, Dow Corning Corporation
  3. Defending the Defenders with StressWave Monitoring -- Presented by: Curtis Reichenfeld - Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS)

StressWave 2013 Symposium Papers

  1. StressWave Systems - Valve Testing - Presented by Sal Tareen, Scientech

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Release Information

FAMOS Version 22

Released January 31, 2019

PEPSE Version 82

Release Date
December 1, 2017.

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Cycle Isolation Monitoring



September 17-20, 2019


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Scientech papers presented in 2013 at EPRI are available.