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Scientech StressWave Systems' (formerly SWANtech) innovative Stress Wave Analysis (SWAN) technology provides superior results over other technologies used in condition monitoring applications, such as vibration analysis, oil and lubrication analysis and infrared thermography. Unlike these more traditional technologies that can only identify when irreversible damage has already started, SWAN technology also identifies when "conditions are right" for damage to occur enabling Pro-Active corrective to be taken to prevent physical damage. Stress wave energy technology provides the earliest indication of problems and can be used successfully on machinery ranging from very low to very high speeds.

The SWANsensor is a highly sensitive device, specifically designed to detect friction/shock induced stress waves occurring at ultrasonic frequencies within industrial machinery and process devices. SWAN sensors utilize a proprietary piezoelectric sensing element and contain integrated signal condition electronics with the sensor body. The small size and available external mounting options that include stud, bolt-on, and epoxy, enable attachment to almost any type of machine surface in any type of operating environment.

SWANguard+ is the intelligent condition monitoring module that is the basis for all measurements and data acquisition. The SWANguard+ continuously monitors the connected stress wave sensors and calculates the corresponding stress wave energy and peak amplitude values. Using Scientech's patented SWAN technology, the SWANguard+ provides superior accuracy in detecting faults, providing a degree of resolution into machine dynamics previously unattainable using traditional diagnostic methods.

SWANsensors are connected to a SWANguard+ data acquisition unit that can support up to 16 sensors. It is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing plant management and control systems or to be used in stand-alone applications. The SWANguard+ supports an industry standard MODBUS/TCP communications over Ethernet and is also available in various wireless configurations. Data is extracted from the SWANguard+ for viewing via a variety of standard communication links. Wireless spread spectrum radio, WiFi, fiber optic, Ethernet and cellular communications are also supported for applications where conventional wiring is costly or impractical.

SWANview software provides comprehensive analysis tools for easy diagnostic and assessment purposes. FFT, Histogram and Operating History are part of the tool set. Operational and environmental parameters can be trended and correlated with Stress Wave values for asset and operational optimization. The SWANview software can be deployed at both the local (site) level as well as the enterprise (fleet) level.

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FAMOS Version 22

Released January 31, 2019

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December 1, 2017.

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Scientech papers presented in 2013 at EPRI are available.