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Identifying and eliminating causes of inefficiency and obtaining every possible kilowatt is essential in today's nuclear power plants. Plant engineers responsible for thermal performance are very busy and often wear several hats. With limited time available to the thermal performance engineers, Scientech's Plant Optimization Department can provide award-winning thermal performance software products and expert assistance. We "lighten your load" and provide specialized experience, some of which is unique and helpful to solving your thermal performance issues.


Scientech provides seminars specifically designed for thermal performance engineers and their backups to find missing generation and methodologies for optimizing performance on a daily basis. Scientech also provides training on our thermal performance software, PMAX and PEPSE.

Troubleshooting Lost Generation

Sometimes hunting down an issue with lost generation can be challenging. Scientech consultants have years of experience troubleshooting performance issues.

Establish or Update a Program

Scientech has extensive background in establishing or updating thermal performance programs in nuclear power plants.


Plant thermal performance engineers generally develop, update, and provide thermal performance reports on a periodic basis. Scientech's experts have assisted many plants in providing or updating performance reports to reduce the time required to generate reports, in addition to increasing the accuracy and reducing the uncertainty of the results to provide a more accurate accounting of lost generation.

Power Uprate and Equipment Replacement Studies

Many plants are planning for future power uprates and equipment replacement/retrofits. Planning efforts require extensive engineering studies. Scientech's experts can assist in these studies and provide evaluations of studies provided by vendors and Architect Engineering firms. Detailed reports accompany all of our evaluations.

Program Assessment

An assessment of a thermal performance program provides the plant a detailed evaluation of the current assets and areas for improvement. An assessment effort includes, but is not limited to:

A detailed report provides a prioritized list of specific recommendations for program improvement.

Performance Testing

Scientech provides assistance with developing and reviewing test procedures in addition to providing support for testing efforts. Support includes, but is not limited to:

Self Assessments

Periodically a plant thermal performance engineer may require a self-assessment. Scientech can provide assistance with this requirement.

Computer Modeling

Scientech provides the popular PEPSE software used in every nuclear plant in the US as well as numerous other plants around the world. Scientech's engineers have many years of experience building PEPSE models and using the models for specific plant studies. PEPSE can connect to Excel and PI to provide a powerful tool set for thermal performance. Scientech also provides PMAX and PdP software and modeling for on-line monitoring of thermal performance and for equipment predictive maintenance using advanced pattern recognition technology.

Additional Thermal Performance

Scientech provides other thermal performance services including:

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