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R*TIME Technical Papers

James E. Themig, Northeast Utilities Service Company, "R*TIME/WIN Client/Server in the Control Room & on the Desktop," (1.13 MB) User's Group Meeting, Columbus, OH, June 23-27, 1997.

R*TIME User's Group Presentations


  1. Display Calculation
  2. OC Design Process
  3. R*TIME & eDNA at DC Cook
  4. R*TIME Get Archive Data Clones
  5. R*TIME Message Summary
  6. R*TIME Server V12.1
  7. R_TIME TIP Processing
  8. Viewer 4.2
  9. Viewer 4.3


  1. Using PMAX and R*TME
  2. Data Driven Graphics
  3. Firewalls
  4. Issues Tracking
  5. R*TIME Data Viewer on the Internet
  6. R*TIME Server 12.2 New Features
  7. Tricks and Features of the Data Viewer
  8. Viewer 4.3 - What's New


  1. Bridging Paradigm Gaps
  2. ER & CM - PMAX-R*TIME
  3. Integrated Network Monitoring
  4. Prairie Island PPCS Replacement Project
  5. SONGS Custom Displays
  6. Viewer 4.4 UGM 2006


  1. Patch Management for Real Time Systems
  2. R*TIME Database Generation for Clinton Station
  3. Viewer 45 New Features


  1. Using Code Templates to Enhance Software Consistency and Quality
  2. Initiative to Support Utility Compliance with Latest NARC Cyber Security Rule Making
  3. Evergreen Approach to PPC Management
  4. 1F-2 PPC Replacement Project
  5. Next Generation HMI Concepts Discussion
  6. DAS Migration Lessons Learned
  7. R*TIME Global Interface
  8. Balancing Security, Business Requirements and Company IT Standards
  9. Integrating Plant Systems into the PPC at Prairie Island
  10. R*TIME Viewer New Features
  11. R*TIME Server New Features


  1. RAPID Finding Alternative Sourcing Solutions for All Your Parts Needs, Dan Meils, Scientech RAPID
  2. Appraisal of Exelon PPC Lifecycle Initiatives, Kevin J. Lindsay, Exelon, BSC-IT
  3. Control Systems Asset Protection at the Electronic Security Perimeter, David Graham, Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.
  4. Cyber Security -- Putting a Human Hace on a Technical Threat, David Hinrichs, Scientech
  5. Early Perspectives in the Plant Process Computer (PPC) Replacement Project, Constellation Energy, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
  6. Main Plant Computer System DAS Replacement Project, Ray Gagnon, Scientech and Christopher Chen, NextEra Energy Seabrook
  7. Millstone PPC Network Deign and Security, Millstone Nuclear Plant, Dominion
  8. Millstone Unit 3 PPC Replacement, Millstone Nuclear Plant, Dominion
  9. Online I/O Upgrades--Comparison of Peach Bottom and Oyster Creek, Steve Cafrelli, Exelon
  10. Utilizing Unidirectional Security Gateways to Achieve Cyber Security for Industrial Environments, Lior Frenkle, Waterfall Security Solutions, Ltd.


  1. Byron & Braidwood PPC Replacement and Power Uprate Support, Kevin Rumbaugh and Mike Behrens, Exelon
  2. Knowledge Retention Stategy using CMAPS, Joe Clupp, Manager Nuclear Real Time, Exelon
  3. Optimizing the Man-Machine Interface, Robert Molloy, President, CyberResearch, Inc.
  4. The Emerging Role of Energy as the Key to Economic Prosperity for the United States, Scott Gregory Minos, US Department of Energy
  5. PPC Replacement Regulatory Impacts, Duane Cox and Ron Triplett, Constellation Energy
  6. Fleet Implementation of Data Diodes, Steve Cafrelli, Exelon BSC-IT
  7. A Report of 1F Status about Great East Japan Earthquake, Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd.
  8. The Great East Japan Earthquate and Current Status of Nuclear Power Station, Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd
  9. Plant Process Computer Replacement, Brian Allen, Project Engineer, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant


  1. Advanced Analytic Solutions, Theresa Sutter, Scientech Informtion Technologies
  2. DC Cook Main Control Room Annunciator Replacement Project, Robert Ammon, Scientech
  3. DC Cook Plant Process Computer Replacement Project, Robert Ammon, Scientech
  4. DC Cook RCI Replacement Project, Robert Ammon, Scientech
  5. Enertech Post Fukushima Technologies for BWR Mark I and II Hardened Containment Vent, Enertech
  6. LaSalle Station PPC "Refresh" Project, Kevin J. Lindsay, Exelon
  7. Lessons Learned at Calvert Cliffs PPC Replacement, Brian Allen, Project Engineer, Calvert Cliffs
  8. Optimizing the Software Development Process
  9. R*TIME 2013 New Features - Presented by Robert Ammon and Ray Gagnon, Scientech
  10. R*TIME Maintenance Contracts, Laura Kinghorn, Scientech
  11. R*TIME V12 Updates, Robert Ammon and Ray Gagnon, Scientech
  12. EA-12-051, a Spent Fuel Pool Level Monitoring System Design Perspective, Don Chase, Scientech
  13. R*TIME-Based Monitoring System in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Manabu Murata, Tokyo Electric Power Services Co. LTD

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