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R*TIME provides fast, reliable real time data retrieval and processing, along with a powerful archival program. Real time and historical data are readily accessible through icon and pull down menus. Other easy to use features include point and click to select data points, and simple poke points to view displays and trends.

This powerful system software is complete with tools for creating color graphic displays with trends (time, x-y and bars) alarms, logs and message files.

R*TIME presents real time information in a manner that is meaningful, easily accessible and tremendously beneficial. R*TIME provides easy access to menus and displays of real time and historical data through defined icon buttons and pull down menus. The system provides the user with the ability to construct and use color graphic displays with trends (time, x-y and bar), alarms, logs, message files, and many other tools. Data points are selected using point-and-click. Poke points to view displays and trends are fast and simple.

Any data point can be presented on user-created custom displays and trend plots, archived with the historian module for analysis or troubleshooting later, and many other applications.

The R*TIME data viewing software operates in a Microsoft Windows environment (2000/2003/XP) providing instant access to on-line and historical plant data on local and wide area networks. Using R*TIME, data originating from any number of sources, such as plant process computers, data acquisition systems, emissions monitoring, vibration analyzers, quality control instrumentation, performance monitoring, and other systems have the potential to be linked together on the network. Having all this data available can reduce visits to plants, save hours of collecting test data, and provide instant visually enhanced information to engineers, operators, supervisors, and anyone else on the network.

Depending upon available data acquisition systems, thousands (up to 64,000!) of data points can be made available on your plant LAN providing real time information to interested staff.


R*TIME has a fully automated historian module designed to archive large quantities of data. The historian module provides a full featured set of tools and utilities for system users to conveniently design and implement their own custom archival configuration.

Historian module definition features include:

Historian module retrieval features include:


R*TIME's trending tools allow users to trend data points versus time or other data points. Trending features include:


The Log Generator module allows users to create a template for the creation of logs. The data that can be displayed on these logs include current time stamps, current point values, qualities, and point names.

Logs can be printed on demand to a printer or viewed on a CRT workstation. They can be scheduled to print at a specific time, periodically, or by event.

Excel Data Access Library and R*TIME ODBC Interface

The Excel Data Access Library retrieves data point values, data point description information, and historical data into cells in an Excel spreadsheet. Once retrieved, the data can be manipulated with the full functionality of Microsoft Excel.

The R*TIME ODBC Interface provides the ability to access the current value, point description, alarm description, scan description, archive data, and the system messages from an R*TIME system via ODBC. Using the R*TIME ODBC Interface, you can access data from any ODBC capable application, such as Seagate Crystal Reports or Microsoft Access.

Multiple Windows

Multiple displays may be opened simultaneously within the R*TIME Data Viewer application and multiple copies of the Data Viewer may be executed on a single workstation. The user can size some or all of the display windows such that multiple copies fit on the display screen without overlapping. For example, displays presenting process data on multiple units at a station can be presented on one display screen.

Display Builder

A powerful display builder allows placement of any system data on a display as a textual value, graphical symbol, or numeric value. Features of the display builder include:

Computer Platforms

The R*TIME Server software is available on Windows NT and UNIX, platforms. The R*TIME Viewer workstation software operates on Windows 2000/2003/XP.

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