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PdP Frequently Asked Questions

What does PdP stand for?

PdP is an acronym for Predictive Pattern Recognition, the real time condition monitoring subsystem of FAMOS that performs a statistical comparison of current behavior of equipment against historical normal behavior in order to identify changes that could indicate degradation or a developing fault at a very early stage. Just as a human being is able to recognize that the behavior of a system "looks right" from past experience, PdP can assess a system based on patterns it discerns from numeric data.

What kinds of equipment can PdP monitor to provide early warning of potential problems?

PdP is designed to use plant instrumentation to detect operational, condition, and performance anomalies on a wide range of process equipment and has been successfully applied on fossil, nuclear, cogeneration power plants, wind farms, T&D assets, refineries, and more. PdP is capable of detecting performance abnormalities at the system, individual component, or instrument level.

Who can use the outputs from PdP to improve real time business decisions?

Operations staff can use the PdP system to monitor deviations of key operating parameters from an optimum or known point, to evaluate unit response to operational changes, and to evaluate the effect of operating and maintenance activities on plant performance. Maintenance staff can use the PdP system to determine when a functional abnormality may exist and when maintenance is warranted. Engineers can use the PdP system to optimize plant operating conditions and component performance to help mitigate bigger problems and poor plant performance. Management can use PdP to obtain overall condition of the monitored components and units, manage risk associated with the reliability of the equipment, and optimize the timing of planned maintenance to address the issues identified by early warning of equipment degradation.

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