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PEPSE Frequently Asked Questions

Can PMAX communicate with plant data from PI, DCS, DAS, eDNA, or other sources?

Yes, Scientech has native links to many data sources, and we have an OPC client for linking to plant data.

How does PMAX help me operate my plant more efficiently?

PMAX connects to real time plant data to calculate current performance indicators. These parameters are compared against expected conditions, and alarms and losses are triggered allowing for early detection and warning of degradation problems. This allows the plant engineers and operators to quantify the problems and correct them for increased generation, decreased heat rate, and decreased fuel usage.

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2020 Symposium

Clearwater Beach, Florida


Release Information

FAMOS Version 22

Released January 31, 2019

PEPSE Version 82

Release Date
December 1, 2017.

New Product

Cycle Isolation Monitoring



September 17-20, 2019


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Scientech papers presented in 2013 at EPRI are available.