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Combined PEPSE Training

This seminar, now offered by Scientech, has been rated the industry's most popular for the past five years.

The PEPSE Combined Seminar is an intensive four day training class which combines the Basic Principles Seminar and the Advanced Concepts Seminar into one. It provides review of the PEPSE fundamentals while presenting PEPSE's advanced features.  All the lecture material from these two seminars is covered, while the workshop portion includes the materials from the advanced course. It was designed both as a refresher for those who have had the basic class in the past while providing advanced material. This seminar is also excellent for those who have never had any PEPSE training but are interested in using their existing PEPSE models effectively. It emphasizes the use of existing models rather than the development of new models.

This seminar covers the following topics:

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Advanced PEPSE Training

Gas Turbine/Combined Cycle

This seminar parallels the Introduction to PEPSE Modeling course but the emphasis is on gas turbines and combined cycles. You will learn the PEPSE fundamentals. In addition, you will learn how to use the library of gas turbine engines for both design and off-design analysis. HRSG construction will be covered, as will the construction of steam turbines in a combiled cycle plant. You will gain a thorough understanding of PEPSE's fundamentals and how to apply them to gas turbines and combined cycle modeling.

PEPSE Boiler Modeling

The course covers using PEPSE to analyze fossil boilers in electric power stations. The course consists of lectures, written exercises and computer modeling workshops. Bring your own boiler model to class for discussion of modeling techniques and problems.

Lectures and workshops include:

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FAMOS Version 22

Released January 31, 2019

PEPSE Version 82

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December 1, 2017.

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September 17-20, 2019


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