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Can I perform detail "what-if" scenarios with PEPSE?

Using PEPSE's "what-if" features, run the new configuration or parameters desired directly in PEPSE. Exmples include taking feedwater heaters off-line or out of service; taking pumps off-line; establishing component and system performance while running at reduced load; or evaluating the effects of condenser tube plugging.

How does one create "what-if" scenarios with plant data within an online performance monitoring application, i.e., PMAX?

Using the PEPSE link module from PMAX, you can run new configuration or parameters desired and then retrieve the results in the real-time application. See the "what-if" scenarios noted in the question/answer above (taking feedwater heaters off-line or out of service, pumps off-line; running at reduced load; condenser tube plugging, etc.)

How do I model specific tube characteristics, e.g., condenser tube material and thickness?

Using PEPSE's granular modeling tools, users are able to directly insert hardware configurations that simulate their specific application.

Can I do condenser backpressure and circulating water backpressure sensitivity studies?

Yes, studies can be run by varying back pressure itself or by varying circulating water conditions.

5. How do I do analysis of degraded equipment and perform test data reduction efficiently?

Use PEPSE's Special Option 6.

6. Can I do sliding pressure analysis for my specific turbine?

Yes, with PEPSE's Special Option 1.

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