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Modeling Services

The Thermal Performance Group offers custom modeling services for PEPSE and PMAX.

We can build customized PEPSE models of steam turbine cycles, boilers, gas turbines, combined cycles, HRSG's, cogeneration cycles, and any process plant.

In addition, these systems can be connected to achieve total plant response. Any manufacturer of turbine or system can be simulated. Parametric studies, sensitivity studies, "what-if" studies, degradation studies, test data analysis, and much more may be performed.

Custom PEPSE models include:

Modifications and enhancementsthat can be made to existing models include:

Other custom PEPSE services include:

PMAX modeling services include:

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Release Information

FAMOS Version 21

Released May 15, 2017

PEPSE Version 82

Release Date
December 1, 2017.

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Presentations at Scientech's 2017 Symposium are available. Click here. Presentations from 2015 Symposium available here.

Scientech papers presented in 2013 at EPRI are available.