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Scientech's Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Center provides critical asset management and analysis functions that permit customers to more effectively deal with day-to-day tasks and decisions related to optimizing plant performance. The M&D Center is another set of eyes focused continuously on plant performance and asset health, backstopping and assisting site personnel recognize trends and tendencies that will inevitably lead to degraded operations. Outsourced M&D Center services yield improved bottom-line results at a time of reduced budgets and resources.

M&D Center services encompass routine surveillance monitoring, problem and anomaly discovery, diagnostics and automated reporting of power plant performance. M&D also delivers asset optimization services that include technical support to improve the thermal efficiency and reliability of the power plant and associated equipment. The integration of real-time performance and condition monitoring technologies with data analytics provides proactive information from data-rich resources for asset management sustainability and prevention of unplanned outages.

The Scientech remote M&D services provide an efficient, cost-effective means to:

The M&D Center accesses and mines the plant data via a secure VPN link. This same link is used to convey analysis and results back to the plant personnel. A variety of other data delivery methods are available including e-mail alert notifications.

If you would like to discover how the M&D Center's services can improve your plant's performance and bottom line, please e-mail at performance@scientech.com or complete our Product Information Request Form.

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