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Issue Tracker

FAMOS Issue Tracker is a new application in the FAMOS suite. This product was created to address a gap between detecting actionable findings and completing the steps necessary to optimize the benefits of early warning. FAMOS Issue Tracker empowers monitoring and diagnostic teams to collaboratively track performance and equipment condition anomalies within the fleet of assets and facilitates work flow leading to resolution of the underlying causes. While FAMOS Issue Tracker is designed to work seamlessly with PdP screens and FAMOS point notes, it also supports the capture of issues identified by other PdM (Predictive Maintenance) technologies such as thermography, oil analysis, and vibration rounds, thereby providing a holistic view of asset health. Essentially, FAMOS Issue Tracker acts as a medium for chronicling and resolving issues identified by the toolset deployed to monitor asset performance.

Issue Tracker

FAMOS Issue Tracker allows for assigning and tracking alerts and anomalies detected in the FAMOS software. This application is a repository for plant issues that incorporates the assignment of staff to the issues. These assignments can be passed between staff; and all the actions taken for a particular issue is tracked until the issue is eventually closed.

The Actual vs Predicted chart displays icons for Issue Entries in FAMOS Issue Tracker, provide a sequence of events for anomaly resolution and model maintenance items.  Icons are placed on the horizontal axis at the time an issue or updates to the issue are entered in FAMOS Issue Tracker.

Issue Tracker

Green icons indicate issues still being addressed and red icons indicate closed issues.  The icon displays a number corresponding to the issue with which it is associated, preceded by an M designating a model note or a P designating a point (sensor) note. Hovering over an icon displays the issue title and text extracted from the comment field of the entry.  A left mouse double-click on an icon will open the issue in FAMOS Issue Tracker.

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FAMOS Version 22

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December 1, 2017.

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