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Finding Alternative (often cheaper) Sourcing Solutions for all of your Parts Needs - Dan Meils, Scientech RAPID

Advanced Pattern Recognition Technology Applied to T&D Equipment - Wally Walejeski, Scientech

Evaluating Generation Considering All Plant Losses and Efficiencies - James W. Brower, Scientech

Evaluating an L-0 Turbine Blade Removal - Bill Kettenacker, Scientech

Fukishima Unit 2 (2F) Alarm Limits - Bill Kettenacker, Scientech

Implementing PMAX and PEPSE with Improved Practices to Optimize CCGT Performance at Boston Generating - Mystic Station - John Ayvazian, Boston Generating and Bob Holzworth, Scientech

Integrating Real-Time, Condition-Based Findings into a Fleet Asset Management, Risk-Based World - Tom Robertson, Nova Scotia Power and Bob Holzworth, Scientech

Symposium 2010: The 25th Meeting - Keynote Address - Roger Kuhl

On-Line Performance at SaskPower Lessons Learned - Scott McLeod, SaskPower

Santee Cooper Overview and Use of PEPSE Modeling - Leif Svensen, Santee Cooper

Power Plant Equipment Health Reporting - Joe Passarelli, Insert Key Solutions

Power Plant Cycling Costs Incurred as Result of Wind/Solar Integration - Steven A. Lefton, Intertek-APTECH

PTC 12.1 Calculations Using PEPSE - Beta Testing - Jerry Weber, Midwest Generation, EME

SaskPower ER Successes - Wally Walejeski, Scientech

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring at Edison Mission Energy - Wally Walejeski, Scientech

Symposium presentations for 2009, 2012, and 2013 are available. R*TIME presentations are located at: http://famos.scientech.us/RTIME_Tech_papers.html.

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FAMOS Version 22

Released January 31, 2019

PEPSE Version 82

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December 1, 2017.

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September 17-20, 2019


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Scientech papers presented in 2013 at EPRI are available.